Working Together

Listening, Learning and Contributing to Make Things Better

D eveloping an emerging industry is a cooperative process, engaging regulators, industry peers, patient groups and stakeholders as well as physician and research communities.

Vida’s outstanding experts are working with industry peers to share ideas, set standards and address challenges. Vida’s international research partnerships with other science-forward cannabis companies will accelerate understanding and leverage the contributions of our research team. By networking with patient groups and physicians we’re shaping a company that works better for all our stakeholders.

In our grow facility’s home community in Stellarton Nova Scotia, Vida is working together with community leaders to plan for infrastructure demands and social impacts of a major new production and research facility. Corporate citizenship matters: creating opportunities for the whole community to advance is the Vida way. And Vida brings exciting new-century career opportunities to Nova Scotia too – careers with an emphasis on learning, achieving excellence and advancing in a contemporary science-focused industry. At full capacity our facility will employ over 200 people.

Interested in making things better as a Vida community partner? Contact us here.

At Vida we know we know that change happens when we work together. That’s why we’re networking and partnering with leading foundations, patient advocacy communities and non-profits — to listen, to learn and to advance knowledge and practical solutions. Our goal? Helping more people get the treatments they need to experience wellness and symptom relief. We look forward to hearing from your group.