The Facility

The next generation of cannabis based treatments?
Meet one of the most advanced production environments ever designed.

Designed by perfectionists

World-Market Scalability

Our 255,000 sq. ft. facility assures patients of a reliable and consistent supply of high quality medication.

Six Phase Production

Phase by phase, our 12.5 acre site is designed to expand, scalable by demand.

Artist rendering, final building layout may not be exactly as shown.

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Clean Growth + Flexibility

When the goal is purity and pharmaceutical-level quality, environmentally controlled hydroponic growing is just better.


“Clean Growth” Hydroponics

Vida’s state-of-the-art indoor hydroponic growing techniques enable year-round production under precisely controlled growing conditions. The process is designed to produce healthier plants, yielding pure and consistent medication.

It’s  just better.

Maximum Flexibility

Growth that adapts to change

Our facility can expand as demand requires, assuring patients a reliable source of medication.  Leading-edge environmental controls mean each strain can be grown in isolation, to maintain genetic integrity.

And that’s just better.

Earth Friendly Operations

Producing More With Less

Designed from the ground up for the 21st century, energy and resource efficiency drives all Vida’s operations. Even our growing medium is recyclable.

Earth-friendly operations are a key part of Vida’s commitment to do things better.

Clean Growth = Better Treatments

Protected by air-locks and carefully tended by growers following strict hygiene procedures, Vida’s plants are grown in an ultra clean pharmaceutical grade environment.

It’s one more reason Vida products are better.

Vida Science

Assuring Quality and Driving Innovation

State-of-the-art Quality Assurance and 21st century research: our on-site laboratory puts science at the heart of Vida’s mission to build a globally recognized brand.


Artist rendering, final building layout may not be exactly as shown.

Vida is committed to advancing cannabis science through our in-house research program,  to deliver products of unsurpassed quality.


Zero Opportunities = Zero Problems

At Vida security is more than impenetrable barriers and sophisticated electronic controls, It’s about designing technologies and human systems that work together to maintain a safe, productive and problem-free environment.


Tough perimeter security fencing protects the entire facility.


Infra-red and software enhanced video surveillance cameras blanket Vida’s entire facilities inside and out.


Advanced card controls and biometrics confirm the identity of all personnel at key access points.


Access to critical areas of the facility always requires the presence of an authorized supervisor.


For Vida’s production crew, everyday begins with a fresh set of sterilized, pocket-free work clothes. Nothing unwanted goes into the facility, and nothing comes out.


Like green gold, market ready cannabis is safely stored inside a massive high security 200 tonne vault.


Our 24/7 Security Team are always alert and on duty. Highly trained and software assisted, Vida’s level 10 security system takes vigilance to a whole new level.