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Stephen Schroeder

Head Master Cultivator

Advanced systems design plus sophisticated technology make clean grow possible. But it takes a cultivation team with passion for the power of “clean” to make it happen.

W hat does it take to become a world-recognized leader in the art of cultivating medical cannabis? For Vida’s Head Master Cultivator Stephen Schroeder the answer is a complicated one, combining a passion for the science and craft of cannabis horticulture, with a profound sense of responsibility for the people who need cannabis to feel better.

He has been raising select strains for individual patients since 2001 when Canada’s Medical Marijuana Access Regulations came into effect. Working in Okanagan Valley cultivating medical marijuana for various compassion clubs, Stephen honed his skills on a case-by-case basis, developing condition-targeted strains, and evolving reliable, scalable, cultivation and harvest techniques, to consistently deliver medical marijuana of the very highest quality.



Schroeder’s approach to cannabis horticulture emphasizes purity and consistent quality. His cultivation techniques involve meticulous attention to cleanliness, and precise control of all variables from nutrient-levels, to air quality at every stage of the growth cycle. Proprietary drying techniques developed by Stephen are designed to preserve the full spectrum of active whole-plant components – a feat few other growers achieve.

At Vida, Stephen and his elite team of veteran west coast growers will implement production and breeding at one of North America’s largest and most advanced clean-growth hydroponic facilities – a facility Stephen has been instrumental in helping design. His goal? Continuous and reliable production of specialized and ultra-pure targeted strains that will help make more people feel better.

Art of the Grow

Stephen Schroeder – Head Master Cultivator

When the goal is purity and pharmaceutical-level quality, environmentally controlled hydroponic growing is just better.