Derek Ogden

Director of Security, RPIC

At Vida security is more than impenetrable barriers and sophisticated electronic controls, It’s about designing technologies and human systems that work together to maintain a safe, productive and problem-free environment.

T he power of protection? No one understands it better than Derek Ogden. An outstanding security expert, Derek’s credentials include an illustrious 27-year career with the RCMP – Canada’s renowned national police force. Derek’s skills are integral to the design and operation of Vida’s 315,000 sq. ft. growth facility in Stellarton, Nova Scotia. Derek insisted that the entire facility be defended with top rated level-10 security measures – a standard well in excess of Health Canada licensing requirements.

Plus, his planning took in to account the reality that employees require advanced protection too – from human error and human temptation. Because maintaining the integrity of Vida’s clean growth environment requires 100% conformance with pharmaceutical-lab level cleanliness, Derek designed measures to ensure that the medical cannabis plants growing at Vida will be among the world’s best protected.


Derek Ogden earned his security credentials working with the best in the business. During a distinguished RCMP career he served as Officer in Charge of Drug Enforcement and Director General of the Drugs and Organized Crime branch, where he worked with Health  Canada and the Departments of  Defence and Justice. When he retired from the force, Ogden became a sought-after security consultant, working at the national and international level with government and corporate clients. He also served as Director of the Anti-Illicit Trade Program and Director of Security for the largest tobacco company in Canada. He has invaluable experience in all aspects of security pertaining to employees, physical assets and company product.

Derek Ogden approaches security issues with a strong business focus. His background includes a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of New Brunswick and the Executive Management Program at Queen’s University. Significantly for Vida, he is fluent in both French and English.

With benchmark level-10 security design and advanced measures to protect employees, plus built-in facilities to assure lab-level cleanliness, Derek Ogden has set the stage for flawless day-to-day operating efficiency at Vida. It’s a process he’ll manage with characteristic insight and discipline as the company grows, playing a pivotal role in making Vida Cannabis Canada’s best medical cannabis brand.

Vida Security

Derek Ogden – Security
Highly trained and software assisted, Vida’s level 10 security system takes vigilance to a whole new level.