World-Market Scalability

Trending now: an international wave of legalization that’s setting the stage for the emergence of global cannabis brands. Vida’s readiness to increase production at a single well-managed facility is aimed at this emerging world-wide marketplace.

Start Up Strong

Production at Vida launches in a Phase One, 600 light hydroponic grow facility with a spectrum of medical strains.

Phased In Growth

As licensing and export agreements evolve, Vida is ready to meet additional demand by phasing in new growing zones. Partnerships with international science-based producers offer exciting early market opportunities.

V ida’s strengths in research science, cultivation and quality assurance will deliver on our promise of creating exceptional cannabis products. To meet expected response from the international marketplace, our facility is designed to scale up, in synch with evolving legislative and market conditions. By phasing in production under one roof Vida will realize substantial economies of scale. And that means better value for our customers all around the world.


Bigger is Better

At full production, our Six Phase growing facility will have sufficient capacity to build a serious presence for the Vida brand in key global markets.

A global marketplace served by internationally recognized brands – that’s the future of cannabis. At Vida, we’ve put a lot of thought into the logistics of increasing production to meet world-scale demand. Our seven-acre location gives us space to increase production efficiently as our workforce grows and gains in training and experience.

Each grow zone phase is designed as an independent controlled environment. Specialty strains requiring highly specific growing conditions can be effortlessly integrated into production, allowing Vida to offer a wider variety of products. Grow cycles can be staggered allowing planned distribution of harvest workload throughout the year. At full production Vida’s facility will create more than two hundred jobs and generate significant revenues from superior quality products. And that’s just better… for our local community, for investors, and for Canadian and World markets too.