The Art of the Grow

The Vida Five

They’re not just the West Coast’s most talented growers. They’re true partners, bonded by a shared passion for quality and the art of growing.


Facing new growing legislation, we decided to pool our talents and specialties. People in the industry heard that we were planning to work together and Vida got in touch. When we met them, we just knew: “the stars had aligned”. Vida shares our standards of integrity and compassion. And our new facility is a grower’s dream come true.“

5 ive gifted growers are better than one. That’s the insight that drew five of BC’s top growing talents together to form North America’s most experienced hydroponic growing team. Now the West Coast’s legendary “Vida Five” have moved to Nova Scotia, to co-design and operate one of the world’s most advanced hydroponics facilities.

Led by Head Master Cultivator Stephen Schroeder, “The Five” have come east, to realize the potential of Vida’s ultra-advanced hydroponics facility… They’ve come to revive genetically important heritage strains . They’ve come to learn, working with a leading-edge medical cannabis researcher. And they’ve come to grow the best, setting new benchmarks for purity and quality.

Art of the Grow

Stephen Schroeder – Head Master Cultivator
When the goal is purity and pharmaceutical-level quality, environmentally controlled hydroponic growing is just better.

They’re partners, colleagues, pioneers and friends: And they’re a 21st century growing legend in the making.