Growing with Hydroponics

The science of cultivating plants rooted in a nutrient-rich solution, rather than in soil, under controlled conditions of light, temperature, and humidity.

Five summers of learning per year

Hydroponic facilities grow year round – five crops a year. So hydroponic growers gain five times the experience understanding a plant’s life cycle.

Water paradox

Hydroponics uses only 10-15% of the water of field agriculture. Water not used by the plant is re-circulated with nutrients and micronutrients optimized to match the growth cycle.

5ive reasons hydroponic growing is just better

Endless Summer

1. Hydroponic crops grow year ‘round. With a new crop harvested approximately every 60 days, product is always fresh.

Menu du jour

2. Hydroponics allows growers to tailor the perfect menu of nutrients for each strain of plant, and match nutrients to the plant’s daily needs throughout the growth cycle.

A Climate for Every Variety

3. Each specialized strain of cannabis has its own unique growing needs – preferred day and night growing temperature, life cycle adjusted light levels and nutrient mix. Hydroponic growers create the best environment for each strain.

Grow Chamber Hygiene

4. In addition to eliminating insects and pathogens, scrupulous growth chamber hygiene measures like air-filtration, airlocks, pre-work showers, and sterilized work clothes serve to protect plants from allergens, dust, and contaminants of all kinds.

Clean Finish

5. At the end of the life cycle, just before harvest, our growers reduce nutrients assuring that the final product is free of unwanted minerals.