Clean Growth

Stopping insects and dust? Advanced systems design plus sophisticated technology makes it possible. But it takes a cultivation team with passion for the power of “clean” to make it happen.


T here’s a world of engineering and design behind Vida’s mission to produce the purest possible medical-grade cannabis. “Clean growth” is an obsession with us – one that’s designed into every aspect of cultivation, from air and water treatment systems through to ultra-smart access security that can protect growing plants from almost everything – even human error.

Integrated technology like positive pressure entry air locks and state-of-the-art air and water filtration stop insects, allergens and bacteria – even mould spores.  Everyone showers before entering protected grow zones: that’s the rule. Changing into sterile clothing on every shift? That’s a rule too. Clean growth keeps plants robust and healthy throughout their life cycle, without contamination ever, or any need for pesticides. And that’s just better for everyone.